Good morning!!

June-July 2015 060 Wow…It’s been a busy and fun summer so far!  I haven’t had as much time for the blog,as I thought! 🙂  It’s just so convenient to post onto facebook from my phone–takes like 2 seconds!!…in little snippets throughout my day! 🙂  Plus, all our family and friends are on there…and there’s instant feedback. 🙂  Gone are the days of journaling and lengthy blog posts.  haha…I’m too busy with real-life to write lengthy things.  Picture collages will hafta suffice!  Friend me on facebook, and you’ll get more frequent updates! 🙂  We’ve been busy with b-ball (all of June), VBS, our chicken business, William’s b–day, swimming lessons…and a big garden!!!  Yes, this is the 1st summer we aren’t doing normal school–too busy!!  In addition, this Plexus thing is growing like crazy!  Justin and I are growing a team, and seeing people get healthy and overcome big and little health issues…everything from gut issues and eczema, PMS, to sleep, energy and RLS…and tons of other stuff!  Please let us know, if you or someone you know struggles with health issues…Plexus has products that cover a wide range of issues!  ( or 217-346-2404)  Hope you all are having a great summer…here is a smattering of pictures from our summer!  June-July 2015 070 June-July 2015 073 June-July 2015 074 June-July 2015 080 June-July 2015 085 June-July 2015 141 June-July 2015 146 June-July 2015 185 June-July 2015 195 June-July 2015 203 June-July 2015 210 June-July 2015 218 June-July 2015 227 June-July 2015 235 June-July 2015 238 June-July 2015 246Wow


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