Life is so very busy!!  Homeschooling is keeping me hopping…well and 5 kids, and just life stuff!  Once again, I’m on my laptop again, so I need to upload some cute pix from our other computer, for an update.  Posts without pictures are NO fun at all!  🙂 Oh here!  I found a cute pictures of my cutie,Daniel, enjoy my P96 protein shake–my newest favorite!! 🙂  Delish!!

The kids and I have loved to make smoothies and milkshakes for a long time! I didn’t really do protein shakes from a package–well, I did once, and it was really gross tasting. Well, now that Plexus came along, and they offer 2 different protein shakes, I gave them a try, and wow!! Very yummy and simple! I like to doctor mine up with chia seeds, frozen banana, pb powder or almond butter, etc! The chocolate tastes like a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup milkshake and the vanilla is just heavenly with frozen strawberries and almond or coconut milk!! It’s the one treat I allow myself to have on a regular basis…easy on the blood sugar–diabetic friendly– since it’s sweeetened with stevia and has 0 g. of sugar and only 3 carbs! It’s gluten free and the source of whey is GRASS FED!!! Love that!! It has 15 g. of protein and a fun ingredient I am familiar with because of Trim Healthy Mama: glucomannan!! It’s super-filling too!! Tastes like a treat AND is healthy and low in sugar!! Love that!!

A big reason why I’m excited about it, is that both flavors have been on back order, and recently only chocolate has been available! TODAY, VANILLA is back in stock!!!! And it’s available for EVERYONE, not just ambassadors! Yum!!! I might be stocking up today!!


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