My Baby is almost 6 months old!!!

april 2015 008 Wow…time sure is flying!!  Daniel will be 6 months old on the 11th!  Hmm…perhaps I can write out his birth story in honor of his 6 month milestone. 🙂  Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow ya’ll!!april 2015 021


Family Update

Feb-April 15 189Quick update on everyone:  My Grandparents are still living next door to us (ha!) or vise versa.  And we see them often!  They have A LOT of great-grands and more to come this year!  Here they are ^^ at Easter surrounded by lots of love and chaos.  Grandma still plays the organ at church every Sunday morning and hosts BIG Sunday dinners!  She and Grandpa Max have big hearts and are constantly serving others.  They definitely stay busy around town. They also take trips around the U.S.  Last year, they travelled to the Panama Canal.  That was on Grandpa Max’s bucket list.  They usually go South for at least a few weeks in the winter. 🙂  They buzzed down to Branson for a 1/2 week in February.  Usually they travel around and visit friends on their excursions. 🙂  I love it that G-pa Max is so techy–he’s into Facebook, texting, and his I-pad.    Hudson, (Leah’s 1st baby), Daniel, and Lydia (Krista’s 4th baby) were all born last year–the newest great-grands.  (March, November, and December)

Here are my parents and their grandkids: ages 9yr-3 months. 🙂  They are continuing to serve and minister here.  Farming is still their livelihood, and Angus cattle.  My Mom is homeschooling my youngest 2 siblings.  She also does History with her kids and my kids several afternoons per week.  (and in homeschool, that means: history-geography-writing-reading!) Love it!  Their home has a constant revolving door–either kids and grandkids piling in to eat some more or missionaries from near and far. 🙂  They are definitely NOT empty nesters. Their nest is fuller than ever now!  They still have 4 kids at home. 🙂  Father/Son Camp ( is continuing to grow and thrive each October!  It’s certain a highlight and takes a host of volunteers and willing servant-leaders to make it possible.  It’s a blessing to continue to meet believers from near and far, who have a desire to walk with the Lord and disciple their children.  Ok…let’s see…

Feb-April 15 194Feb-April 15 200George and Krista!  They have 4 beautiful girlies and George is finishing up his residency at Northwestern.  George is an orthopedic surgeon…and is excellent!!! at what he does!  Both my sis and bro-in-law are modest and humble about the accolades George has received…but I’ve heard “through the grapevine”.  So proud of them!  They are moving East in a few months for an impressive internship at John Hopkins. 🙂  Krista is a sweet mommy and is homeschooling.  Livin’ the life!

Nathan and Leah and Hudson-lil’ handsome RED-head!  (so jealous!) 🙂 They live about an hour away and are busy working and livin’ life.  Leah has a large music studio, both piano and cello students.  She is a wonderful mommy and awesome music teacher!!  Nathan–oops…not sure what he does…somethin’ with computers.  Oh! And they are great sushi-party-hosters!! 🙂

November 2014 168Therese, another fun, talented, amazing, and creative sister of mine!  She also has a large music studio in 3 local towns!  (Piano and violin)  She stays very busy, for sure!  She’s also an AMAZING baker and party hostess!!  EVERYONE loves Therese!!!! baby daniel 2 009Feb-April 15 112 Ok, so I’m running out of time here…But here are a few more random pix of family life.  There’s my mom ^^ holding her newest grandbabies.  Daniel and Lydia–another set of “cousin twinsies” 🙂  Below are my sweet kiddos bright and early on Easter morning.  I was playing music for church, so we were up-and-at-em’ early that day…but SO glad I snapped a few pix, so my mommy-fog-brain could remember all these sweet fleeting moments in life!  I am planning to write a few more updates on what has been happening in our family the past few years since I’ve really blogged.  I also meant to write out Daniel’s birth story…pretty sure I promised that on my other blog.  He’s quite the story!  ha!  Ok, well, enjoy the rest of the pix!Baby Daniel 2014 054Feb-April 15 186    baby daniel 2 003 Well… we all came down with stomach-flu at Christmas time, so these pix are from Thanksgiving and Easter.  🙂  funny! 🙂baby daniel 2 004 baby daniel 2 007   Continue reading

Hi All!!

Thank you all for the introductions!!  Well, I have lots on my plate currently, but I have some blog posts in mind. 🙂  I know people pop on and check in because we “met” via the Eden String Quartet DVD.  I’m planning to do an update on the family soon.  🙂  Lots has happened.  The Lord is good. 🙂 Happy Monday, ya’ll!!april 2015 012 april 2015 018 april 2015 021 April 15 008 April 15 025 April 15 026

Introduce you!!

If you going to read this blog, I’d love to “meet” you!!  I just read some comments on my old blog of readers who were disappointed at the thought of me not blogging again.  Who knew!  I didn’t realize anyone still followed my blog, since I’ve been so absent in posting!!   So!  Please introduce YOU in the comment section!!  🙂


So, I’ll introduce myself here!  I’m Megan- wife and mommy!  I have a sweet hubby: Justin and 5 wonderful children: Samuel (9), William (7), Madeline (6), Benjamin (4), and Daniel (5 months)  February 2015 018 I believe this was the most recent picture of us, taken at the Creation Museum in February. 🙂

I love the Lord Jesus and love my full time job (I work from home–LOL! and homeschool my kids)  I love to exercise, garden, hang out w/ my hubby and children, research health and wellness, cook scrumptious food, meet new people, and see new places!  So that’s a bit about me!   Happy weekend, folks!!

Hello World!!

I’m starting a new blog here!  I’ve had so many troubles with Blogger, that I’m just giving up on that.  I quit posting, because I couldn’t get pictures to post.  And what fun is a blog with no pictures??!!  I’m sure it was my fault, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix the problem.  Ha!  So, in case you would like to peruse my old blogs, here are the websites: and

Ok!  So here we go!!